Covid MOU Updates

There are two Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) that were agreed upon by IRCEA and SDIRC. These MOUs were updated in August of 2021.

Covid MOU Regarding Leave

The COVID MOU regarding leave has been updated. The new MOU will go into effect upon the expiration of the old MOU (September 30th, 2021). As we are no longer in an official state of emergency, some of the language of the old MOU could not be maintained. Several new items were introduced that IRCEA believes will protect its members. A summary of the updates include:

  • paid Covid Leave due to quarantine by the school district or Department of Health
  • paid Covid Leave due to positive Covid test extended until the MBU is medically released to return to work. (previously only 10 days)
  • the district will not require vaccination unless prescribed by law.

New Covid MOU (effective 9/30/2021) -COVID-Leave-MOU.pdf

IR Covid MOU (effective until 9/30/2021) - IR-Covid-19-MOU.pdf

The 'Emergency Covid MOU for the School Year 21-22: Safe at School' has been updated for the new school year effective August 24th. A summary of the updates are:

  • the addition of language that allows for a medical opt out with supporting documentation for face coverings.
  • the deletion of language pertaining to virtual or transitional teaching as it is no longer an option due to FLDOE guidelines.
  • the reduction of emergency online instructional materials from 10 days to 5 days per the new IRCEA tentative agreement.

See the link below for the MOUs in their entirety.

UPDATED Emergency Covid MOU for the School Year of 21-22: Safe at School - Emergency-MOU-2021-22.pdf