Download and Print an IRCEA Membership Form

Why Join?

Everyone knows that there is strength in numbers, and by joining the IRCEA you are simultaneously joining the FEA,our state union, and our national unions the NEA & the AFT!


Why should you join the us? A better question would be, "How can you afford not to?"

Everyone needs support to do their best. FEA is there to support you in all aspects of your life. Whether it's becoming the best educator you can be, keeping abreast of the latest policy and rules changes affecting you and your job, finding a mortgage to help buy your first home, or looking for advice on what to do once you've retired, FEA is committed to serving the needs of our members.

But FEA needs you as much as you need us. There is no association without members. By banding together, FEA's membership can speak with one voice to promote excellence in education and fairness in how education employees are treated.

Education is your profession, and FEA is your professional organization. See the links below and talk to your local FEA representative and members about what FEA can do for you. When you're ready to join, ask your school representative for a membership form or print one out from this site.

YOU are the Florida Education Association, and FEA will always be there for you.

For more information on why you should join us, visit the FEA website.

Who are Teachers' Union Members?

Teachers who:

  • want a brighter future for America's children.
  • are involved in setting high standards and encouraging the use of Best Practices.
  • work in partnership with parents, students, school officials, community members and legislators to improve education.
  • believe that membership in an organization that represents a collective effort to advocate for teachers and students is the most effective way to improve education.

IRCEA appreciates your membership and active participation!