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Located in the state Capitol building, The FLORIDA Channel is a public affairs programming service funded by The Florida Legislature and produced and operated by WFSU-TV. It features programming covering all three branches of state government, and is Florida’s primary source for live, unedited coverage of the Governor and Cabinet, the Legislature and the Supreme Court.


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We must keep the pressure on the Legislature. Continue contacting your local legislators and make sure they know what our priorities are!

Join the conversation. The FEA Action Center is a great resource to stay updated on what is happening in education. You can also follow the FEA on Facebook and Twitter.

Subscribe to receive the Frontline Report during session and the e-Advocate during the school year. It's important to recognize every decision made in your school district has a political origin. Legislators create laws that govern everything teachers and ESPs do on the job. These decisions are too often made without consulting the people impacted the most. It's the primary reason why it is very important for all school employees to stay informed. Floridians must begin to hold lawmakers accountable. Florida's current public school accountability system has proven to be of no value and is not trusted by parents and other education stakeholders. Our students are the state's most valuable asset. We must get this right, immediately, but you must stay informed and get involved.and sign up for the Frontline reports to get detailed information on the bills that FEA is fighting for.