• MBUs will wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible.
• Classroom activities outside of the possibilities/confines of social distancing, such as in-class small-group activities… at the discretion and judgement of teachers.
• Disinfectants, wipes, disposable face coverings, sanitizer and other appropriate PPE are provided by the District and will be made available for in-classroom voluntary use.
• MBUs are expected to self-monitor their own temperatures and health status daily… MBU temperatures will not be required at the start of work.
• MBUs are not required to assist with the student temperature taking and may decline…
• Planning and lunch periods will be honored per the… contract.
• Virtual / Transitional teaching opportunities for Options 2 or 3 of the Board-approved School Re-Opening Plan will be made available… (See MOU: School Re-Opening MOU how these positions will be filled)
• Teachers in Option 2 or 3 will be placed back to their regularly assigned school at the conclusion of the transitional period.
• The additional 30 minutes of planning provided for all MBUs at the beginning or end of the workday, during this MOU may be used to schedule meetings or other activities at the principal’s discretion up to 100% of the number of work days in each month. In the period November 2 to December 31, 100% of this time shall be utilized at the discretion of the teachers.
… one half days or its equivalent per week of the pre-planning period (first three weeks) will be used for professional development, meetings, including but not limited to faculty meetings, grade-level meetings, and department meetings. The remaining pre-planning days shall be identified as teacher workdays to be used at the MBU’s discretion with a maximum of six hours designated for and posted as student orientation.

Teacher evaluations for 20/21
• Next year will be a training year for the a new TEP (Teacher Evaluation Protocol) using a modified Marzano.
• All probationary contract MBUs being re-appointed for the 2021-2022 school year shall receive at least an effective rating on their 2020-2021 summative score.
• All returning MBUs that had an evaluation rating for 2019-2020 shall receive a rating that is no lower than their 2019-2020 rating. (See MOU: MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT for adjustments)
• Returning MBUs who did not receive an evaluation score for the 2019-2020 school year can mutually agree to use the training exercise score.

We are very proud to announce that today, CWA, IRCEA, and SDIRC came to an agreement about Health Insurance for the 2020-2021 year. The basics are all premiums will be increased by $55 per month, the district will increase their contribution by $50 per month; employees will increase their contribution by $5 per month. This increase should be enough to adjust for increased costs, while not significantly impacting employees. The changes will not go into affect until October 1st, 2020. Additionally IRCEA & the district signed off on an evaluations MOU for the 2019-2020 school year. Below you can see all proposals sent back and forth as well as notes and video of the meetings.

Negotiations April 30
CWA-IRCEA Insurance Proposal

We have negotiated an MOU related to our current situation with COVID-19 closures. Below you will find the MOU along with a presentation explaining each part of the MOU.

On February 27, 2020, IRCEA & SDIRC reached an agreement on the 2018-2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Below are the Tentative Agreements reached in the 8 sessions.

Removal of attendance officers. They have been out of the bargaining unit for years, we are just taking them out of the contract.

updating policy numbers

Defines probationary term

notification if copy is requested.

This is the sad requirement of a vindictive Legislature. Since 2011, teachers do not have the ability to earn a professional service contract (PSC). While that is seen as tenure, it is not. It merely means, a PSC can only be fired with just cause. This language gave a modicum of that protection to annual contract teachers, but the Florida Legislature took that away from us in 2017. We also lost this one with the Special Magistrate.
Our response was to create a system for which teachers who are non-renewed can apply for a new job. The Annual Contract Placement Pool give these teachers an avenue by which they can seek a new position. It is not perfect, but it follows the law.

changing the wording of “shall” to “may”. This allows for flexibility in applying employee discipline.

Setting a procedure for communication with principal.

Adding the statutory language and ensuring that while the district is offering the courses for free, reimbursement shall not be provided. If the course is no longer offered, we will renegotiate this language.

Removal of normal pregnancy as an exclusion.

Added language to waive Level I if necessary. This has been in practice, but language makes it official.

All MBUs will receive a one-time bonus of 2.5% of current base pay. Assurances were made that the District will use actual current base pay, not what is reported in Focus.

updating policy numbers.

change the date to 2018-2020

Updating Department Chair, Grade Level Chair, and Team Leader supplements to be more equitable. High schools changes are not significant, but middle school and elementary are brought closer to high school levels.

This changes every year, and hopefully this will be the last year! There are three bonuses: Recruitment– new teachers who meet very, very specific criteria will receive $1,000. Retention– “Classroom teachers” from the 13 schools identified by the state who earned highly effective summative rating will receive $2,500 and those who earned effective summative ratings will receive $1,000. As B&B has done in the past, the Retention bonus only includes those who are included in the statutory definition of “Classroom Teacher.” The Recognition bonus includes all MBUs (we don’t discriminate!) who did not receive a Recruitment or Retention bonus and who have earned either a highly effective or effective summative rating. The amounts for the Recognition bonus award are up to $1,100 for highly effective and $900 for effective. These bonus amounts are considered gross award amounts. All applicable employer and employee withholdings shall be deducted from these gross award amounts prior to payment of any award to an eligible instructional staff member or principal. Employees will be responsible for their share of payroll taxes on all distributions.

As we have shared in the past, no-shows cause problems in people being able to schedule appointments. This MOU allows the district to charge a fee to an employee who misses more than 3 days of appointments in a plan year.

For far too many years, teachers have been helping out for free. The district has agreed to try to help those who help them. If you act as a substitute during your planning period or take a group of students from another class in lieu of a sub, 7 times, you will receive $150.

A final item of language was withdrawn by IRCEA upon assurances from the Superintendent (yes, the Superintendent joined us at negotiations) that he would prefer to change the policy before adding it to the contract. The issue is Terminal Pay for Sick Leave. Currently, individuals who have worked for more than 13 years are only able to get 70% of their accumulated sick leave upon leaving the district. Our proposal changes it to 100%. We will be certain to follow up with the district on this issue.